Dear Salsa Community,

Thanks for contacting me through emails and my phone.

At this point, I am not offering any group or private salsa lessons.

I will update this webpage once I get back to offering classes again.

Thank you for your understanding !!

For those who have danced, we know that the dances we remember are the ones where we feel connected.

Think back and remember those moments when you were with that one person that you cared about more than anyone you’ve ever met. The person that made you forget about work, about life, and about the world around you; the best dances have this same feeling. It’s the same, intense relationship to the person standing across from you.

Dancing is much more than the steps: any good teacher can teach a dedicated student what the moves are. The best dancing is about “connection,” and just as in life, is something that can’t be faked.

For a few minutes, unshackle yourself from the small things. Connect to your partner, connect to the music,
Rise above.