Dear Salsa Community,

Thanks for contacting me through emails and my phone.

At this point, I am not offering any group or private salsa lessons.

I will update this webpage once I get back to offering classes again.

Thank you for your understanding !!

Class Schedule


  • 7 PM – Level 1 – Beginner On 1
  • 8 PM – Level 1.5 – Novice On 1
  • 9 PM – Level 1.5 – Novice On 2

Training Teams

(Needs Teacher Approval)

  • Advanced Training Team:
    • Thursday , 7-10pm


Class Pricing

  • $18 to drop-in
  • $60 for 4 classes (15% off!)
  • $100 for 8 classes (30% off!)

Class Location

We hold our classes at the beautiful, Danzhaus Center, located in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill district.

map-smallDanzhaus Center
1275 Connecticut St
San Francisco 94107
(415) 970-0222
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My Teaching Philosophy

My four principles of teaching dance are: fun, fundamentals, community, and musicality. What do I mean by each of these?

Class should be enjoyable, so I believe in letting everyone move and dance as much as possible. It’s the best way to learn and to keep you interested.

Many classes teach you the basic steps, but they don’t teach you the fundamentals. They teach you where to put your feet and where to place your hands, but they don’t teach you the technique to move your body to Latin music, or how to execute a light, clean turn. I use my years of experience as a professional Modern and Salsa dancer to give you what you need to dance at a higher level.

Salsa-Classes Descriptions:

Level 1 – Beginner

Absolutely no experience or partner necessary! Beginner classes are perfect for people who have never danced Salsa, or even people who’ve never danced one day in their life. It’s also for people with two left feet, or those who believe they have absolute no rhythm.

Every class, you’ll get the basics of Salsa with lots of repetition. We teach the fundamental movements first: the basic step, side-breaks, back-breaks and right turns. Then, after you’ve had plenty of time to work out the kinks, the real fun begins as we continue onto partnered dancing.

Level 1.5 – Novice

In the Novice Salsa-series, we’ll focus one, elemental salsa pattern over the course of the month. This class is designed specifically for people moving up from the beginner classes, and for intermediate level dancers who want to get a chance at extra practice and to warmup.

Every class, we start with footwork, bodywork and/or individual dance moves so you can get really comfortable with the basic steps. After a half-hour into the class, we continue onto partnered dancing. Each week of the month, we introduce lead and follow variations.

Level 2 – Intermediate

In the Intermediate Salsa-series, I’ll teach a combination with three, distinct lead and follow variations each week. Intermediate classes emphasize proper technique and flowing movement. We also discuss how to be musical and how to unleash your creativity as a leader and follower using the monthly combinations.